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As you can see in the video above, Malik almost said no to joining the Activate Your VSN Community. Less than 12 months later, $200,000+ richer, it's one of the best decisions he ever made. Are you next?

What is AYV University?

AYV University is a fast-paced incubator designed for brand owners to hit their 1st $1000 month in less than 30 days and their 1st $2500 month in less than 60 days.

This program is a best fit for brand owners in Milestone 1 (Create Your VSN) or Milestone 2 (Focus Your VSN).

What you'll get with ACTIVATE YOUR VSN University Membership:


In AYV University, here’s what you’ll get inside of our FULL Zero To $10,000/Month Curriculum…

We’ve been able to partner with multi-million dollar brands to do collabs and events. With one national brand, Rap Snacks, we’ve produced several collab items and partnered events – we teach exactly how we did this and how to collaborate with bigger brands yourself.

Don’t sell the WHAT, always SELL the WHY. We break down this famous concept on how to not force sales – and let sales chase you by telling your story through your product and content.​

Most people always wonder, how does WRLDINVSN sell $10 tees??! We teach where to find tees at the best price, and how to get the print as low as possible to sell volume or even higher prices for higher margins.​

Don’t have the capital to start a million dollar brand? No worries, we teach you how to get funding and how to leverage funding to pay back investors and even get them to continuously invest.​

 You don’t need to pay anybody to design your store NOR manage your store. Stop wasting money on teams that suck at sites and design it yourself with our step by step teachings.​

This is BIG now! You can easily make $10K/every month with our in-person strategies. Our students are currently using this exact in-person model and are seeing success almost instantly.​

Our brand has hit every country in the world by the power of content. We break down our content for ads and drops to create 5 & 6 figure DAYS not months.​

Data equals dollars. We walk you through setting up your email list to the best practices of what emails you should send to convert into sales.​

SMS lists are getting 80%+ open rates! Take advantage of our best method to create a list and monetize that list each week!​

Ads will scale your brand to millions. Get our step-by-step ads model taught directly by Nick and AYV coaches on how to exactly start, run, and scale your ads to PROFIT everyday!​



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this CLOTHING BRAND ACCELERATOR isn't for everyone...

Who this PROGRAM is for:

Who this PROGRAM is not for:


FREE BONUS #1: $97 $0 (included)
7 Steps To Build A 7-Figure Empire Ebook
$97 $0 one-time fee (included)

This a guide created by the founders of WRLDINVSN Clothing Company. These 7 steps will get you from creating a brand’s message to building a cash-flowing business with employees.​

FREE BONUS #2: $33 $0 (included)
30 Websites You Need For Your Startup
$33 $0 one-time fee (included)

The “30 Websites You Need For Your Startup” product makes it so much easier for startups to find wholesale companies, the right shirts and hoodies to buy, and even some extra goods to help your brand get going. We put together over 30 websites to put you on the correct path to success.​

FREE BONUS #3: $33 $0 (included)
10 Shopify Apps You Need
$33 $0 one-time fee (included)

We put together “10 Shopify Apps You Need” that have made us millions in our business. Set these up on your Shopify store and start making money in your sleep! If you don’t have these apps you’re leaving a ton of money on the table… take action!​

FREE BONUS #4: $33 $0 (included)
10 Trusted Manufacturers
$33 $0 one-time fee (included)

The “10 Trusted Manufacturers” will give you access to vendors of all sort. You now will have access to factories that can make streetwear, hats, socks, accessories, and much more! With this list, you can take your brand to an entirely new level and stand out from the rest.​

FREE BONUS #5: $0 (included)
AYV Study Hall
$0 one-time fee (included)

Get access to our highest paying client coaching calls + calls with we brought inside of our community – 7 figure brand owners, bankers, consultants that helped us scale to millions.. Sit in our exclusive zoom calls on how to scale to $100k months

FREE BONUS #6: $0 (included)
AYV Success Path
$0 one-time fee (included)

The 7 steps we recommend to follow – we walk through each step and what exactly you should do at each step of the way

FREE BONUS #7: $0 (included)
The Four Pillars Of Sales
$0 one-time fee (included)

Get access to a mastermind event with owners of Entrebeliver on Mindset, Design, Content, Ads & Lead Gen & Execution

FREE BONUS #8: $0 (included)
Transformational Training
$0 one-time fee (included)

The fastest way to scale your brand is to scale YOU! We teach you how to transform yourself to transform your brand

FREE BONUS #9: $0 (included)
Community Meetup
$0 one-time fee (included)
FREE BONUS #10: $0 (included)
Live Coaching Sessions
$0 one-time fee (included)
FREE BONUS #11: $0 (included)
AYV University Replay Vault
$0 one-time fee (included)

If you miss a class or want to rewatch, no worries, we record them and upload them to the vault for on demand access.

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